Plushie Dreadfuls - Anxiety Rabbit

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Do you have anxieties? You are not alone. Everyone has anxieties. It's just that some people hide them better than others. What if you could hide your anxieties a little better? 

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Anxiety Rabbit is here to help! 




Whisper your troubles to the little white Worry Bunnies and then zip them away inside the Anxiety Rabbit! As time passes towards the next Full Moon (see the rabbit?), your worries will gradually fade away. 



🐇 Don't toy with the Worry Bunnies after midnight (wait until sunrise the next day)!

🐇 Let your Anxiety Rabbit "rest" from constant "worry face" from time to time.

🐇 Use the "thank you" pose to give thanks for the little positive things. 




Anxiety Rabbit Features:

  • Magnetic hands that connect to the face for that perfect "oh no" pose
  • Can also do "praying" or "thank you" pose (palms together)
  • Zipper pouch body for hiding Worry Bunnies
  • Two tiny Worry Bunnies
  • Amalgamation Alchemy Symbol embroidered on the front
  • Anxiety Rabbit tote bag 
  • 50CM tall ears to toes


Anxiety Rabbit is an exclusive product of Mysterious Design and is only available at the Mysterious Shop. Beware of imitations and copycats.