Anxiety Rabbit Pullover Set

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Do you have anxieties? You are not alone! Everyone has anxieties. It's just that some people hide them better than others. What if you could hide your anxieties a little better? Or... maybe you could wear your anxiety right out front on your shirt?!

The Anxiety Pullover Set Contains a collection of items inspired by our super-popular Anxiety Rabbit.


🐇 1x Anxiety Rabbit Embroidered Pullover

🐇 2x Anxiety Bunny Keychain (small white bunny)

🐇 1x Anxiety Rabbit Keychain (small orange rabbit)

🐇 3x pairs of socks (grey, white, and black)

🐇 1x Anxiety Rabbit Card Wallet


Socks size: suitable for 36-40, cotton/polyester blend

Pullover: 50% cotton, 50% polyester, 320g,

Pullover fabric has fleece inside and is good for soft skin touch and keeping warm.

Wallet: cowhide



pullover size chart

NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES on Clothing Items - PLEASE Check Sizes Carefully
Chest Measurement is Across



NOTE: This set DOES NOT contain a full-size Anxiety Rabbit. The Anxiety Rabbit pictured in this set is a keychain (mini rabbit).