Exclusivity and Limited Availability

Mysterious products are offered for sale in limited editions of 100 or 200 items per edition. To be notified when an item (or new edition) is offered for sale, visit the product's page and press the "EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE" button. When the item is offered for sale or a new edition is released you will receive an automated email notification. 

For collectors it's important to note that once a particular item has sold out, it will never return in its original form.Certificates of Authenticity, unique to each product, are printed with the total number of products made (usually 100 or 200 per edition). The specific item number for your order is hand-written on the certificate and signed by American McGee. This ensures exclusivity and protects the value of your investment for years to come.


Materials and Sustainability 

Our bags are made from high-quality leather, sourced from small-scale "mom and pop" suppliers in places like Thailand and Vietnam. Each bag is designed in Shanghai by Yeni and American, then hand-made in a local shop by individual craft persons (not on an automated assembly line).

We personally inspect, pack, and ship your Mysterious order from our studio in Shanghai. Being a small scale operation ensures our direct involvement which each product and customer. 


Shipping and Tracking

We offer FREE shipping on all orders over $75USD, to all locations in the world. Your order is shipped directly from our studio in Shanghai, through a logistics center in Hong Kong via express mail services like DHL, EMS, etc. Packages are insured and tracked. We set the customs import price declaration at $20USD in order to avoid additional tariffs or VAT - though we cannot guarantee all packages will avoid additional import charges. 

Delivery time depends on location, with 2 weeks being typical and some destinations requiring 4~8 weeks. We collect all orders for a week and send them to Hong Kong every Tuesday. Transit and processing time is 3~5 days. From Hong Kong, delivery to most locations in the world takes 5~10 days. Local and International holidays can create unexpected delays in shipping.

If you need something shipped faster, you can pay an additional express shipping fee. Contact us to discuss. 


Returns and Exchanges Policy

Items can be returned for exchange or refund, subject to our Terms and Conditions. Full details can be found under Terms and Conditions and in our Terms of Service