Shipping and Tracking

We offer FREE shipping to all locations in the world on orders over $55USD on select products.
Some items that are marked on their product page are provided by a 3rd party who control the shipping fees on that item and therefore cannot be included in the free shipping.


For orders less than $55USD we apply a simple Flat Rate shipping cost based on weight: Less than 1lbs (4kg) = $5USD; Greater than 1lbs (4kg) = $10US


Your order is shipped directly from our studio in Shanghai, China through a logistics center in Hong Kong and via e-packet mail services like USPS, DHL, and EMS


Delivery time depends on global events, delivery location, and time of year, with 3 weeks being typical and some situations requiring 2~6 weeks


There is currently chaos impacting the global shipping industry, you can read more about at the two articles here...
Even though we ship by airmail, the current chaos is having a knock-on effect down the entire shipping chain that is unavoidable.
Please expect to see large gaps in tracking movement.

Local and International holidays, global events, weather, and other "Acts of God" can create unexpected delays in shipping.


All packages are insured and tracked. And you will receive a tracking number via email when your order is handled and shipped. Tracking number emails often go into Spam Folders - please check yours.


If any item is lost during shipping (not including handling time), meaning there is no sort of tracking update for 6 weeks or more, we will refund your purchase and shipping costs. 

Because we hand process all orders, handling times can be impacted by our traveling or holidays. 

If you have questions about shipping or need something shipped faster, you can pay an additional express shipping fee. Hit the "?" button and contact us to discuss. 

Beware of Fakes and Scams

Many items on Mysterious are designed and made exclusively by us and are not sold anywhere else on the internet. This includes items such as our Plushie Dreadfuls and Hoodies.

There are however items that are not exclusively ours, such as the Poopy Gifts.
Please take care and be vigilant when shopping online.

How to Wash/Care for your Items.

When it comes to washing the clothes or plushies from Mysterious, we advise to do the following.

* Hand wash the items with minimal detergent.
* Use only lukewarm water unless the item has vivid/bright colours, in which case only wash with cold water while taking care to wash the brightly coloured parts of the clothes delicately and separately.
* Clothing can be tumble dried.
* Plushies should be hung up and air dried.
* Iron clothing inside-out to prevent direct heat contact to the printing and embroidery.


Exclusivity and Limited Availability

Many Mysterious products are offered for sale in limited editions of 100 or 200 items per edition. To be notified when an item (or new edition) is offered for sale, visit the product's page and press the "EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE" button. When the item is offered for sale or a new edition is released you will receive an automated email notification. 

For collectors, it's important to note that once a particular edition has sold out, it will never return in its original form. Certificates of Authenticity, unique to each product, are printed with the total number of products made (usually 100 or 200 per edition). The specific item number for your order is hand-written on the certificate and signed by American McGee. This ensures exclusivity and protects the value of your investment for years to come.


Materials and Sustainability 

Our bags and wallets are made from high-quality leather, sourced from small-scale "mom and pop" suppliers in places like Thailand and Vietnam. Bags and wallets are designed in Shanghai by Yeni and American, then hand-made in a local shop by individual craft persons (not on an automated assembly line).

We personally inspect, pack, and ship your Mysterious order from our studio in Shanghai. Being a small scale operation ensures our direct involvement which each product and customer. 

Some customers have requested bags and wallets made with faux leather (plastic) but we have no plans to produce these items in plastic because we feel natural materials (like leather) last longer and are better for the environment.


Returns and Exchanges Policy

Most items can be returned for exchange or refund, subject to our Terms and Conditions. Full details can be found under Terms and Conditions and in our Terms of Service. By completing a purchase at Mysterious you agree to our Terms and Conditions.