Fans grabbed the first 200 Vorpal Wallets so fast we had to make 200 more!

The Vorpal Wallet is necessary kit for any adventure down the rabbit hole. 

Hand constructed of fine quality leather embossed with Hatter's signature mercury symbol. Each Vorpal Wallet comes with an autographed and number certificate of authenticity signed by "Alice" creator American McGee.

Dimensions: 9.5cm x 11cm

*Red leather interior on the Red Butterfly version only. 

A note on Limited Availability and Editions

Only 200 of the Red Butterfly Vorpal Wallet were sold.

200 Black Butterfly Vorpal Wallets are available now.



The Black Butterfly edition features BLACK interior leather. Exterior details are identical to the original Red Butterfly wallet. 

The Vorpal Wallet

We currently have 30 of 200 Limited Edition bags still in stock.

$ 89.00 $ 79.00