Scruffy Bumps Palm Skull

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He’s like Santa Claus except for the Claws… and the killing people. He knows who’s been naughty and nice. At least when it comes to our furry friends. Cats and dogs and fish and frogs. Treat them right or you might get a bite. 

Scruffy Bumps has been connected to the gruesome deaths - suspected murders - of dozens of people. And these victims all have one thing in common. They each found a moment in the dark spotlight for abuse of a cat or dog or other companion creature. 

That guy kicking the dog in the elevator? The woman yanking her cat along on a leash? Both are examples of people who got what was coming to them - gruesome deaths in the middle of natural disasters. 

Legend has it he only appears on the last day of the year. And always in natural disasters.



The Scruffy Bumps Palm Skull is a powerful talisman and a little reminder that disaster will eventually find us all. 


Measures 80mm (wide) by 100mm (tall) and 90mm (deep). 

Includes a spell for Revenge - especially powerful against those who abuse animals. 

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