Plushie Dreadfuls - Rage Rabbit

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Grrrrrr! Rage Rabbit is here!

In the immortal words of Dr. Banner: "That's my secret, Captain. I'm always angry." 

But pull the head off the Rage Rabbit and reveal the bandaged and pitiful face underneath. A transformation guaranteed to traumatize children and small dogs. 

Because what lurks beneath anger is a true emotion we choose not to share with the world. It could be sadness, guilt, hurt, or jealousy - but anger is always a mask. What hides under your mask? 

The next time you experience anger, rip the head off Rage Rabbit and remind yourself that what you're really feeling is something hidden deep inside. Find it. Fix it. And then stick your head back on.


Rage Rabbit Ded Animation


😠 Rage Rabbit is a single plush rabbit with a removable head. 

😠 Measures 48cm from tip of ears to toes.

😠 Comes with a rage-proof sturdy canvas bag.


Rage Rabbit is an exclusive product of Mysterious Design and is only available at the Mysterious Shop. Beware of imitations and copycats.