Plushie Dreadfuls - Anxiety Bunnies (Set of 5)

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Our Anxiety Rabbit comes with a set of two little Anxiety Bunnies. They zip into the back of Anxiety Rabbit and store all your worries and concerns. But what if you have more than two worries? 

You need more Anxiety Bunnies! 

Instructions for Use: Grab an Anxiety Bunny from the pouch. Rub it between your thumb and fingers while concentrating on your worry or concern. Whisper three times, "Nibble my worries away." Then place the Anxiety Bunny back in the pouch and leave it there overnight. While you sleep, the Anxiety Bunny will nibble away at your worries.

Nibble, nibble! Bye, bye worries!


Bunny Pouch measures 19cm x 21cm

The pouch contains five (5) Worry Bunnies