Cheshire Kitten Plush Collector Set

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The Cheshire Kitten Plush is your furry guide through the Chaos of Life. His sardonic wit and boundless wisdom are matched only by the sharpness of his claws.

Cheshire Kitten Animated GIFCheshire Kitten is a Dead Boi

Items placed in the Cheshire Cat Bag will magically vanish from view until they are next needed. Any person wearing a Cheshire Cat Embroidered Patch will benefit from +3 to Scratch and +10 to Stretch.



The Cheshire Kitten Plush Collector Set comes with the following items: 

1x Cheshire Kitten Plush

1x Cheshire Cat Bag (sturdy nylon, reversible)  

Also may contain a surprise Cheshire Cat Embroidered Patch.


Cheshire Kitten measures 32cm tall (ears to toes)
Bag measures 35x42cm (not including handle)


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