Plushie Dreadfuls - Buns in a Bun

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It's a bun in a bun! In fact it's several buns in one! 
It's mama bun and she's tired, her feet hurt, her hands are cold, and the scar itches.
She loves her babies but she also would love a nap. Won't you
please take these adorable kits off her hands just for 5 minutes???
Great for a non-explosive gender reveal party. 



  • Pregnant Rabbit Plush with a Zipper C-section
  • 3 Tiny kits (White, Blue, and Pink)
  • a sense of appreciation for mama buns everywhere


Mama and Kits

Bun in the Bun Rabbit is an exclusive product of Mysterious Design and is only available at the Mysterious Shop. Beware of imitations and copycats. 

Mother Bun measures approx. 42cms from feet to top of ears.