The path through the woods is filled with jagged teeth, hungry eyes, and sharp claws. A wise girl prepares for this journey with cunning and care. Other girls, they best not dare!  

The Red Hood Purse serves as tool and talisman for those who journey on the path through the deep, dark forest.

Hand constructed of fine quality leather, stainless steel, and distinctive "RRH" axehead lock-snap. An adjustable shoulder strap is included with each purse.

Dimensions: The Red Hood Bag measures 19.5cm x 11.5cm x 3cm

A note on Limited Availability and Editions

Only 100 Red Hood Purses will ever be produced. Each purse comes with a hand-autographed certificate of authenticity which reflects the unique purse and Edition number. 

Delivery Time: 4~6 weeks to most locations around the world.

Red Hood Purse

We currently have 71 of 200 Limited Edition bags still in stock.

$ 59.00