They said we shouldn't leave the country with them...

While exploring the night markets of Vietnam, Yeni and I found ourselves lost among dark back-alleys and dead-end paths. We stumbled into a creepy little antiques shop and found a mysterious collection of hand carved stone skull bracelets.

The old woman running the shop said they contained some kind of magic. She looked a little scared.

We grabbed as many as we could carry and ran back to the safety of our hotel. Now back in Shanghai, we're ready to send these spooky little skulls out into the world. 

Each set comes with two extra skulls and a spool of stretchy thread so you can adjust size as needed. Ships inside a red, silk-lined gift box with a bit of Vietnamese money (dong) thrown in for good luck.

Available two colors: Black or White

Vietnamese Skull Bracelet

$ 35.00 $ 25.00