Ultimate Mini NUC Carry Case

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The ultimate mini carrying case for NUC7, NUC8, NUC10 generations of Intel's Next Unit of Computing small form factor computers. 

Has the option to include an additional 90W power supply. (not carried in case)

Designed for those that only want to carry the NUC between two work locations, i.e. home & office that both have a power supply, monitors, and keyboards.  Why carry a large laptop when you only work at home & the office.  Why use small screen laptops.  Have big monitors at both your primary work locations. 

Perfect for power users with external eGPU and/or thunderbolt docking stations at multiple locations.


NUC Case Opening


Supports both height NUC models with 2.5" drive bay and shorter models without i.e. both NUC8iXBEK & NUC8iXBEH sizes (shorter models use provided foam to fill the case with shorter NUC models).

Has a small handle for carrying alone and also attached two hook rotary ring chain buckles for clipping onto a backpack, larger strap, or luggage. 


** This product is the CASE ONLY. NUC computer in photos is for example only.