A marriage of the themes contained within the Vorpal Bag and the Vorpal Wallet, the Vorpal Purse provides a stealthy package in which to conceal your magic and tools. Carry it as a wallet, or attach the shoulder strap and it becomes a purse. 

Hand constructed of fine quality leather, stainless steel, and embossed with the Hatter's trademark Mercury symbol.

The Vorpal Purse measures 20cm x 17cm x 8cm

ON SALE Until July 15th, 2017.

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A note on Limited Availability and Editions

Only 200 Vorpal Purses will ever be produced. Each purse comes with a certificate of authenticity autographed by American McGee, which reflects the unique purse and edition number. 


The Vorpal Purse

We currently have 50 of 200 Limited Edition bags still in stock.

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