Sloth Plushies and Pins Set

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Yeah, Sloth is one of the Deadly Sins but there are definite benefits of living the Slow Life. 

1. Born to "Hang In There." Why isn't The Sloth on that silly poster? 

2. Inspiring level of calm that causes everyone nearby to relax.

3. In a permanent state of quiet Zen. Ommmmm.

4. Can sleep through the craziest of days. 

5. Never too early for meetings. 

And with this Plushies and Pins Set, you can snuggle your inner sloth while proudly displaying your "Live Slow" badge of ultimate relaxed-ness. 

Add Sloth Plushies and Pins Set to your cart and receive inner bliss upon delivery! 


Each Set Contains: 

😴 2x Sloth Plush Toys (1x Blue and 1x Brown are BOTH included) 😴

😴 5x Enamel Pins ("LIVE SLOW" "Hang In There" "Zen" "Relax" and "Sleep") 😴

😴 1x A one-time +20 to your Rest Skill 😴


WARNING: Do not "sloth" while driving, operating heavy machinery, or in combination with other sloth-causing drinks, substances, or activities. And, for the love of all things holy, do not grind up and snort your sloth.