Silver Rabbit and "Follow Me" Set

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Follow rabbit. He'll take you down the rabbit hole to that place not found on any map. He's late. But so too are you. For the longer you stay where it's safe, the less time you have to discover adventure.  Don't be late.


A collection of Silver Rabbit Jewelry put together by Mysterious designer Yan. Check out the little "carrot in a spiderweb" detail on the back of the necklace! Sometimes we all feel like a little carrot trapped in a spiderweb. 


  • 1x Rabbit Pendant Earring - 925 Silver
  • 1x Rabbit Stud Earring - 925 Silver
  • Rabbit Head Ring - 925 Silver
  • Set Exclusive Rabbit Necklace - 925 Silver 

PLEASE NOTE = This set has ONE pendant earring and ONE stud earring.