Plushie Dreadfuls - Shy Rabbit

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Introverts make up a surprising proportion of the earth's population. 

While we may not all suffer from social anxiety,
some of us prefer to be on our own, and that's ok. 

Shy Rabbit, on the other hand, avoids social situations, including confronting shyness itself. Monday brings with it the fear of being asked the same question she's heard every Monday morning for years and still not being able to answer without awkwardness.

Thursday night brings the fear that someone will ask her to participate in social events on Friday. Sometimes the things that keep us awake at night aren't the things that go bump in the night, but the bump of the heart when someone asks you a question you will stutter to answer. 

A book can be closed when it gets too intense, no matter the situation portrayed on the page, the same cannot be said for everyday life. That's why she likes books, video games, and writing out her feelings where no one can see them.
Are you a shy rabbit? 

Shy Rabbit is 30CM toes to head and 66CM from toes to the tips of her ears.

The Shy Rabbit Set includes:
  • Custom glasses that attach to her cute little face
  • Custom designed lace collar
  • Shyness Tote bag
  • Our softest most luxurious fur yet