Sacrifice Your Queen (Art Print)

Sacrifice Your Queen (Art Print) - Mysterious

Sacrifice Your Queen (Art Print)

$ 100.00

Art print - "Sacrifice Your Queen"

Many have lost the sense of the meaning of sacrifice. It was once a given that we sacrificed constantly and automatically as a function of our family, culture, and religion - and that life was, in essence, an ongoing series sacrifices towards something greater than ourselves.

Our modern world has effectively built itself around the reduction of sacrifice. We're sold devices, medicines, and inventions which do things faster, easier, and cheaper. Life contains less pain, frustration, and annoyance and we expect that these reductions and improvements will continue reducing and improving into the future.

And yet we find ourselves less happy and less fulfilled; despite the shiny new things we continually shovel into that hole in our souls... making things easy isn't making things better.

Autographed by American McGee.

Size:  41cm x 67.5cm

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