Rutledge Asylum Inmate Property Bag

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Some say it's mental to buy a $500 Kate Spade and outright crazy to purchase a $2000 Gucci Bag. But you have to be literally certifiable to carry an Inmate Property Bag from Rutledge Asylum.

Going mental might seem like a high price to pay for fashion but insanity is free when you're already mad! 

This sturdy canvas bag features thick rope handles to carry the heaviest of your emotional and physical baggage. These bags were originally produced to carry the White Rabbit Plush but our Insane Children demanded we sell a few of them separately... and we don't want to start a riot among the inmates!

Only 65 of these are available to purchase separately at this time.
Depending on future demand we might be convinced to produce more.
Get them while they last!

Measures 35cm x 30cm. Weighs 175g.

DOES NOT include a White Rabbit Plush or any other item from the White Rabbit Plush Collector Set