Red Mercury Wallet

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Straight from Hatter's workshop, the Red Mercury Wallet blends alchemy and magic in a sinister little red container for all your bits and bobs. Adorned with Omega, Mercury, Lunar and other symbols of ancient meaning, the Red Mercury Wallet exudes mysterious energy. 

Hand constructed of fine quality leather with embossed texture, stainless steel zip, and red leather interior, each Red Mercury Wallet is shipped with an autographed certificate of authenticity. 

The Red Mercury Wallet wallet features a snap-locked section in which to store your cards, and a zippered section which will prevent the escape of more flighty objects.

Dimensions: 10cm x 12cm

A note on Limited Availability

Only 100 of the Red Mercury Wallet will ever be sold. 

The Red Mercury Wallet comes with an autographed Certificate of Authenticity which reflects the unique wallet number.