PTSD Bunny T-Shirt

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Trauma leading to PTSD is often the result of the destruction of our reality. A confrontation with Chaos results in our trust and understanding of the laws of nature becoming unmoored from our perceptions. The earth falls from beneath our feet. We are left floating in a void of the unknown. Who can we trust? How do we know what's real? Who are we? And how do we regain our ability to "be" again? 

Our PTSD Bunny will be your guide while you navigate your way towards some clarity with these questions. 

And for those days you can't take him with you? We've got a PTSD Bunny T-Shirt you can wear instead. 



Made with 100% Cotton and Trauma. 

Washing instructions:

Wash in cold water by hand or on the delicate cycle, hang to dry.

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