Plushie Dreadfuls - Goth Rabbit

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It's midnight and the rain-slick streets are lit by a harvest moon. Goth Rabbit lights a clove from her bow-shaped black purse and walks on 6" stiletto boots towards the Crystal Palace Bowl. Andrew Eldritch belts out "This Corrosion" as the crowd inside goes wild. It's going to be another one of those nights.


I got nothing to say I ain't said before
I bled all I can, I won't bleed no more
I don't need no one to understand
Why the blood run hold


Goth Rabbit Jumping GIF


Goth Rabbit features permanent midnight black eyeliner, black lace ear bows, a cross-laced corset back, and more internal corrosion than you can shake a whip at. 


Goth Rabbit measures 40cm tall (ears to toes) - Comes with a Black Purse that measures 30cm x 35cm (excluding handle). Also includes a Skull Bow embroidered patch. 

NOTE: We priced this Goth Rabbit at +$10USD more than our other Plushie Dreadfuls for a simple reason. This set includes a fully functional, custom design purse and that increases the total cost for us to make these sets. Please understand that this set is a Goth Plush + Custom Purse.