Plushie Dreadfuls - 8 Mini Bunny Set

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Can't get enough of our Plushie Dreadful Rabbits and Bunnies? But you're running out of space for all these furry new friends? Fret not! You can now Collect Them All in a single Mini Package of Mini Bunnies! 


This set of Minis includes: 

🐇 1x Mini Goth Rabbit

🐇 1x Mini Envy Rabbit

🐇 1x Mini Love Rabbit

🐇 1x Mini Shy Rabbit

🐇 1x Mini Anxiety Rabbit

🐇 1x Mini Angry Rabbit

🐇 1x Mini Numb Bunny

🐇 1x Mini Ouchie Rabbit 

🐇 8x Aluminum Keychain Rings


That's EIGHT (8) Plushie Dreadful Mini Rabbits and Bunnies all in one floofy set!



These Minis have a small Loop Attachment on the top of the head. This means you can attach them to a keychain ring (included) or hang them on your holiday tree (tree hangers not included). 

Anxiety Rabbit has little magnets in his hands! 

Set includes a custom Carry Zip Bag made from durable canvas. 

Set includes eight (8) aluminum keychain ring attachments. 

Mini Rabbits measure approximately 23cm from tip of ears to toes (varies by design).

Bag measures 30cm x 25cm 


Rotating Mini Buns Gif