Memento Mori Palm Skull

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You hold life in the palm of your hand. Whether you choose to live fast and die young or take a more considered path, your final destination remains the same: Death.

Memento Mori is the ancient practice of daily reflection upon the fleeting nature of existence. It means, literally, "Remember Death." By turning your attention towards mortality you can cultivate a sense of detachment and acceptance.

Keep this beautifully crafted skull on your desk, your dashboard, or wherever you find yourself confronting the existential nightmare of our fucked up reality*. Look into its hollow eyes for strength during moments such as: 


* Filled with murderous rage at the asshat who cut you off in traffic.


* Apoplectic at your dog for barfing on the freshly made bed. 


* Oddly jealous after discovering your partner's predilection for farm animals.


* Suicidal at needing to wait 400+ days for Season 4 of Rick and Morty.



The average person lives 27,375 days. Make each of them count.

Weighs 170g

* "American McGee's Hand" not included.

** May or may not be Elon Musks' favorite brand of skull.