Memento Mori Decision Coin

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A Decision Coin helps you navigate life's difficult choices. A Memento Mori reminds you of life's fleeting nature. By combining the two, we've created the Memento Mori Decision Coin (MMDC), a magical totem reminder to seize the current moment; and a tool to help guide you towards the next moment. 


Death is inevitable. Everyone steps towards that ultimate moment when they cease to exist. Every step in life leads towards that final goal. Except it's not always clear what step to take next.


If all steps lead towards the same destination does it matter? It does. Because steps that take you away from The Inevitable will generate resistance and chaos. Steps in tune with The Inevitable will bring harmony. 


How it works is simple: 

Flip the coin, view the result, and listen to your gut. If the coin says "yes" but your stomach sinks a little, then you know the answer is really "no." 


If the coin says "yes" and you feel calm about that, then "yes" is the answer. 


But beware. When you use the Memento Mori Decision Coin you make an agreement with The Inevitable. Knowing The Inevitable Answer but going directly against it is a recipe for a short and pain-filled life. 


Once your MMDC and your gut tell you which way to go... LISTEN. Discard the wrong decision; ignore the false path. And go towards your inevitable future. 


Decision Coin Rules - IMPORTANT

💀 Do not ask the same question twice (or three times)
💀 Do not use The MMDC after midnight or before 6 AM (your local time).
💀 Do not use for trivial or unimportant decisions. 
💀 Not for use over water in any sort of vessel or craft.
💀 Not for use by children or anyone below the age of consequence.
💀 MMDC works best when given or received as gifts (gift to yourself counts). 


Each MMDC Set contains: 


💀 1x Memento Mori Decision Coin 
💀 1x Velvet Coin Bag
💀 1x Coin Holder Transparent Display Stand
💀 1x Magic Containment Box


Mysterious LLC is not responsible for any curses, demises, or ruinations caused by the use (improper or otherwise) of the MMDC. Flip at your own risk.