A must-have fashion accessory for all who attend the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, the March Hare's Tea Time Wallet tells the only time that matters in Wonderland: Tea Time!

Never be late again, especially for an important date. 

Made from soft black leather with stainless steel corner accents, the Tea Time Wallet holds bread crumbs and butter (or cards, cash, and a picture ID, if you're feeling a little less mad). 

Dimensions: 9cm x 11cm

A note on Limited Availability

Only 100 of the March Hare's Tea Time Wallet will ever be mad... er, made.

The Tea Time Wallet comes with an autographed Certificate of Authenticity which reflects the unique wallet number.


March Hare's Tea Time Wallet

We currently have 47 of 200 Limited Edition bags still in stock.

$ 49.00