Alice: Asylum "Mushroom Head" Art Print - 奥 Mysterious

Alice: Asylum "Mushroom Head" Art Print
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"Alice: Asylum" art print - "Mushroom Head"

The world is what you make it. Every word you speak, every choice you make, brings into focus the constantly expanding landscape of reality. From your mind springs forth what is. Were it not for you, your perspective, and your reactions, there would be only darkness. Your mind is the fertile soil where colorful mushrooms of magic take root. Light shines through you to illuminate the possibilities.

This is Patreon Art Print #17 - a reward mailed to high-level backers for the month of January, 2019.  Become a Patron and you can receive monthly art print rewards. 

Autographed by American McGee.

Size:  47cm x 68cm

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