Alchemy - Leather Purse

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Chaos, Omega, Earth, Moon, and Mars dissolve and reform in an eternal cycle of slumber, dreams, and reawakening. Our journey contains as many breakthroughs as obstacles we're willing to overcome. And the masks we wear along the way - inventor, villain, companion, trickster, guide - will shift and reflect like a pool of mercury.

We are often blind to the nature of our reality but can carry talismans to remind us of what we so willingly forget: Life is Chaos.



Carry your reminder over your shoulder and let it keep your coins, cards, and cash organized and safe.


The Alchemy Purse is made from ethically sourced natural leather. Embossed with an Alice Alchemy Design by Jeniffer D'aww. And delivered in a black Mysterious butterfly logo box. 


Dimensions: 20cm x 13.5cm



Only 100 of these Limited Edition Wallets will be made and sold.


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