The latest creation from Hatter's workshop, the Alchemy wallet is a fusion of time, the heavens, and elements. Alpha to Omega, Mercury to Jupiter; Hatter's magic formula takes form in a crucible of leather and steel. The balance and manifestation power of Jupiter brings justice, abundance, and generosity. Mercury adds a dash of fluidity and intellect while the moon attracts power and intuition. A beautiful mix of magic and design. 

Hand constructed of fine quality leather with embossed texture, stainless steel Mercury symbol, print pattern and red leather interior, each Alchemy Wallet is shipped with an autographed certificate of authenticity. 

The Alchemy wallet features two snap-locked sections in which to store your cards, cash, and credentials. 

Dimensions: 10cm x 12cm

A note on Limited Availability

Only 100 of the Alchemy Wallet will ever be sold. 

The Alchemy Wallet comes with a hand autographed Certificate of Authenticity which reflects the unique wallet number.


Alchemy Wallet

We currently have 29 of 200 Limited Edition bags still in stock.

$ 59.00