Alchemy Keys - Necklaces

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Alice's adventure through Alice: Madness Returns was marked by the collection of memories from her past represented by a collection of keys. Each key referenced an alchemy symbol: Mercury, Saturn, Luna, Mars, and Venus. 

The Alchemy Keys are made of surgical stainless steel. The set contains 5 pendants and 5 necklace chains of various lengths. Each set comes with an autographed collector card.

3x 45cm necklace chains

2x 60cm necklace chains

Keys are 5cm tall and 2mm thick.

Only 330 will be produced for the 1st Edition.

Everything (chains and pendants) produced in high-quality surgical stainless steel.


This is a unique gift for the truly committed Alice fan. Grab your set before they vanish in 3... 2... 1...