Vorpal Zipper Wallet

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Lost, but not alone. Broken, but not shattered. An adventure of perilous wonders, peculiar characters, and the consequences of loss. 

The Vorpal Zipper Wallet is necessary kit for any adventure down the rabbit hole. 

Hand constructed of fine quality leather with alchemy embossed face and red leather interior, each Vorpal Wallet is shipped with an autographed certificate of authenticity. 

Dimensions: 10.5cm x 11cm x 3.5cm

A note on Limited Availability and Editions

Only 200 of the Vorpal Zipper Wallets will ever be sold. 

The Vorpal Zipper Wallet comes with a hand autographed Certificate of Authenticity which reflects the unique Wallet and Edition numbers.



* Please note that these are on clearance now due to the boxes that the wallets are shipped in getting a little old and yellowing.  The wallets themselves are perfectly fine.