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These items are prototypes of plush toys we have made in the past or are currently making revisions on. They may contain unfinished or different features from the final item or be exactly like the final item.

The items are sold as is and will not be "finished" if they are unfinished prototypes (e.g. have no eyes) Photos are of the item you will be receiving, so please look at the photos carefully before bidding! These are collectibles and not intended for daily use or to be given to children. They do not come with any extras like tags, totebags, etc. However, they do come with knowing you've helped out a homeless bunny in need of a family as all proceeds minus shipping and taxes will be donated to "Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue" located in Calgary, Alberta Canada!


AAORR is currently celebrating their 10th year of rescuing dumped, injured or otherwise disabled rabbits. When they're not rescuing rabbits, they are educating the community on rabbit care and offering Bunny focused events (Including bunny yoga, rabbit socials, Bunanza etc.)

Recently, Alberta has experienced a devastating outbreak of RHD (Rabbit Hemorrhagic disease) that has killed off many feral rabbits, and has increased the cost of care for many rabbit owners and rescues due to having to vaccinate every rabbit, and quarantine any new rescues. Some of our design staff (as well as quite a few customers!) are part of the rabbit community in Alberta so we felt it fitting to give back to our little furry friends who bring us so much joy in plush form.

Thank you for your consideration and participating in the auction by making a bid or sharing it with friends <3 

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