The Chaos Coin

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The Chaos Coin is a physical coin made of copper and nickel featuring the Cheshire Cat's face and Chaos Symbol. 

Size: 4.5cm diameter 

Weight: 28 grams

Ownership of a Chaos Coin means your name and short message (as approved by us) will be digitally embedded within a unique virtual coin placed in Alice: Asylum**. Coins will be placed all around the game environment and linked to an in-game collection mechanic.

Viewing your name in-game will require finding your coin and examining it via an item examination interface.

This is a unique way for you to make your mark on Wonderland.

In Game UI is Work in Progress. Coin design (front and back) plus coin holder are Final.

** After purchase of the Chaos Coin you will receive survey link to where you are able to submit and edit your name and message. This link will remain open until a short time prior to shipping Alice: Asylum. Surveys are sent out one time per month, so please allow at least 1~2 months before worrying about this.